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    vicki saunders blog post

    Women-Led Ventures: The Jobs Strategy We’ve Been Waiting For

    This post was written by Vicki Saunders (entrepreneur-in-residence at the DMZ and founder of SheEO) and originally published on We… More

    DMZ Blog SA Fellows

    South African Entrepreneurs Get Taste of Canadian Market During DMZ Visit

    The DMZ is no stranger to hosting international entrepreneurs. We’ve had fellows from Israel, China and India. New to our passport: South Africa. … More


    SEO for Dummies

    SEO — ahem, search engine optimization — is key for any business with an online home. The process is essentially about improving the visibility… More

    Photo by Clifton Li

    Introducing the Meeting Room of the Future

    The DMZ just got a whole lot smarter. One of our multipurpose rooms received a huge makeover and got outfitted with a bunch of new, flashy tech.… More

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