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Women in Entrepeneurship: What’s Wrong With the Entrepreneurship Narrative

International Women’s Day is on Sunday March 8. This week, we’ll be sharing stories and videos featuring the women of the DMZ and their experiences as female entrepreneurs. This post was written by James F. Sweeney and originally published on Vicki […]

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Government Funding Essential to Spur Innovation

This post was written by Sara Mojtehedzadeh and originally published by the Toronto Star. The problem with experiments is very simple, says University of Toronto Professor Dan Breznitz. They often fail. Which presents a dilemma for those who want to foster innovation: In […]

Jan 5 2015

When Is a Startup No Longer a Startup?

This article was written by Cameron Chell and originally published by The Globe and Mail. When is a startup no longer a startup? Ask 50 entrepreneurs and they’ll likely give you slightly different answers: it’s when a company moves from idea […]

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The Four Biggest Stumbling Points in Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

This article was written by Joseph Czikk and originally published by Techvibes. It could be argued that Vanhawks cofounders Ali and Sohaib Zahid would inevitably become successful after launching its carbon fibre connected bicycle, the Valour. The bike raised the most […]


Five Nighttime Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

This article was written by Jayson Demers and originally published on America’s fascination with entrepreneurial productivity is endless — just look at the waves of books published each year to the ongoing obsession with finding ways to wake up […]

Abi on stage with Kevin Graff at the Retail Council of Canada.

Abi Smithson the Youngest Entrepreneur Celebrating Small Business Month in Canada

This article was written by Knowlton Thomas and originally published by Techvibes Abi Smithson may be the youngest entrepreneur celebrating Small Business Month in Canada. Smithson, age 10, is the founder of Love Sandal, a philanthropic footwear company in Toronto. The […]


How SoapBox Connects Its Frontline Employees With Its Senior Leadership Team

This post was written by Brennan McEachran of SoapBox for the DMZ. SoapBox, a DMZ alumnus company, is an innovation management platform that helps organizations manage the innovation process. It is vitally important at any organization to keep the frontline staff well connected with […]


The Best Time to Join a Startup is At The Worst Time

The following post was written by SoapBox founder (and DMZ alumnus) Brennan McEachran and published on TL/DR: Would you need a jr. (or a team) to assist you in your work? Don’t join a startup. Is your highest value […]

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Photographer’s Work on 500px Used for the New iPhone 6 Wallpaper

This article was written by Jillian D’Onfro and originally published by Business Insider Australia Photographer Espen Haagensen got a surprise Tuesday during Apple’s mega-presentation: A colleague called him to reveal that the company was using one of his pictures as […]

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Cross-Functional Learning: What Big Fish Can Learn From Little Fish

This post was written by Brennan McEachran of SoapBox for the DMZ. SoapBox, a DMZ alumnus company, is an innovation management platform that helps organizations manage the innovation process. Tired of “reinventing the wheel” only to then repeat the same mistakes over […]