Past and future collide at Caitlin Cronenberg’s Red opening

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Real-time photo-sharing application Burstn creates instant chronological archive of’s NY Times Canadian Photo Archive preview exhibition

An exhibit from Red, a NY Times Canadian Photo Archive preview exhibition hosted by is captured and distributed by Burstn

Photography past met photography future last night at Caitlin Cronenberg’sRed, a NY Times Canadian Photo Archive preview exhibition hosted by Documenting the event live was Burstn, a real-time photo sharing application developed in Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. Burstn co-creators Dave Senior and Josh Davey snapped the splashy night away on their mobile phones, creating an instant photo timeline that was simultaneously shared with followers and archived to the web at

Now available as a free download from the iPhone App Store, Burstn takes mobile phones from camera to distribution centre with zero extra steps for the budding photographer. At the moment of capture photos are automatically distributed to the user’s subscribed family and friends via their mobile phones, complete with the GPS location information of where they were shot. At the same time they can be shared via Facebook and Twitter while they are uploaded to the user’s own Burstn URL in a photo stream from oldest to newest.

With the Toronto International Film Festival now in full swing, Burstn is the perfect tool for amateur paparazzi looking to brag to their friends about their celebrity sightings. For more information on Burstn and how to download the application, visit

Red is open to the public September 11 and 12 from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. in the VIP pop-up lounge TORO After Dark at PEARS on the Avenue (164 Avenue Road). The exhibition, curated by Cronenberg, features 12 images from the NY TimesCanadian Photo Archive, which was recently acquired by Christopher Bratty, co-founder of and Black Angus Media. posts one image daily from the 24,000 photograph collection online.

For more information, visit.

Josh Davey at Toro Red opening

Burstn co-founders Josh Davey (above) and Dave Senior (not pictured) were on hand snapping photos at the opening night of Caitlin Cronenberg’s Red, a NY Times Canadian Photo Archive preview exhibition

Burstn Photo Stream of Red opening

David Cronenberg (left photo, centre) arrives at daughter Cailtin’s (left photo, right) Red exhibition opening hosted by on September 9, 2010. Colin Mochrie (centre photo, left) and Spencer Rice (centre photo, centre) of Kenny vs. Spenny are pictured here alongside an exhibit from the NY Times Canadian Photo Archive

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For more information on Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone, visit:

Heather Kearney
Public Affairs
Ryerson University
416-979-5000 x 4282

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Student-Developed Photo Sharing App “Burstn” Helps Students Stay In Touch When They Head Back to School

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Student-developed photo sharing app “Burstn” helps students stay in touch when they head back to school

Josh Davey, a fourth-year Information Technology Management student at Ryerson University, in front of Burstn - a real-time image sharing platform he co-developed with Ryerson alumnus Dave Senior at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone.

With the countdown to back to school in full swing, university and college students new and old are preparing to head to their campuses. For many, that means saying goodbye to friends and family. For all it means embarking on the social experience of post-secondary education. Luckily for post-secondary students, innovators in the Ryerson Digital Media Zone have been busy all summer developing digitally based products and services to help students cope with going back to school:

Burstn: Keep in touch with old friends and make new ones
Currently available in the iPhone App Store, Burstn is a real-time image sharing platform that makes it fun and easy to share photos, including the GPS location information of where they were shot. Friends and family see their loved one’s photos instantly, the moment they’re snapped.

“The cool thing about Burstn for post-secondary students is that they can literally create a visual timeline of their college or university experience,” said Josh Davey, co-creator of the newly launched Burstn. “Your friends and family can follow you and receive live updates to their phones, or they can visit your own Burstn URL and view your photo stream with all your photos from oldest to newest, effectively archiving your life.”

Up-to-the-minute photos shared automatically on Facebook and Twitter let pictures do the talking with visual status updates. Burstn also offers such social networking tools as “liking” photos, tagging friends and adding captions. As adoption grows, students will also be able to discover and follow events on their campuses and in their cities.

“So often you miss out on seeing your friends’ photos because they sit on someone’s camera forever until they drudge up the motivation to upload them somewhere,” said Dave Senior, Burstn’s other co-creator. “With Burstn you just shoot the pictures and it does all the rest. Photos were meant to be shared – especially with those far away. This application definitely makes it easier to go away to school if you can see what your friends back home are up to and vice versa.”

For more information on Burstn, visit

Josh Davey (left) and Dave Senior pictured in Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone (DMZ). Davey, and undergraduate student in the Ted Rogers School of Management, and Senior, a recent Ryerson alumnus, developed Burstn together in the DMZ. The real-time photo sharing application is currently available in the iPhone App Store.

TeamSave: Save your cash by getting more bang for your buck
Every student knows the importance of stretching a dollar as far as it will go. One way to pay less and get more is to shop as a group. Now an established group of friends on campus is no longer necessary to take advantage of group savings thanks to TeamSave.

TeamSave is a social buying platform that harnesses the power of group buying through social media. So even students brand new to the city can purchase an amazing local deal based on the power of volume shopping.

A quick subscription at results in instant daily deal notifications through email. For 24 hours great products and services can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Then tomorrow it starts all over again. Now students can afford to go out and meet new local friends!


SoapBox: Have your say
Developed in-house at Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone, SoapBox is an online platform for community-based change that allows users to place their ideas in the hands of key decision makers. The customized Ryerson SoapBox will be accessible to Ryerson students in time for the new academic year.

SoapBox is the tool to voice feedback, concerns, or general thoughts on the campus, community, or institution. Through a SoapBox tab on their my.ryerson portal, students can submit – and vote – on any idea, and in so doing, uncover the collective voice of a community. Using an agree or disagree format, students could use SoapBox to showcase their ideas about what the university is, isn’t, or should be doing. By agreeing or disagreeing the community prioritizes its own issues. Ideas which achieve critical mass bubble up to the top where administrators can easily see them, respond to the community and then take the issues away to address and solve.

SoapBox is customizable for any organization looking to cultivate public opinion, with obvious applications for the political sector. For more information, visit

Ryerson Mobile
The student-developed suite of campus management mobile apps, Ryerson Mobile, is back for its second year with updates and new apps for back-to-school. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

• Campus community members now have the ability to customize the order that the apps appear on their home screen.
• The News and Schedule apps are now integrated with Blackboard, the University’s web-based course management system, so students can see recent news that the professor posts in blackboard.
• Improved map application, including GPS positioning. See where you are in relation to the campus and navigate to your next class, a building, or a service on campus.
• Count down to your next class with the updated Schedule app. Enjoy the new user interface and get to class on time.
• A mobile version of SoapBox so students can post and vote on ideas from their mobile device.
• A barcode reader that lets you scan the barcode located on a book and search the library catalogue to see the item’s availability.

Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone, opened in April of this year, is a place where students and alumni come to innovate, collaborate and bring new products to market. Located atop Yonge-Dundas Square, the fully wired multidisciplinary loft space facilitates the research, development and commercialization of digitally-inspired business ideas from young entrepreneurs. Here students have access to the resources and educational support to launch their own businesses and essentially, their own careers. Though it has only been open a short time, the DMZ has seen such success and interest from students that the space is already being expanded. For more on the Digital Media Zone, visit

Ryerson University is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-oriented education and a university clearly on the move. With a mission to serve societal need, and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community, Ryerson offers close to 100 undergraduate and graduate programs. Distinctly urban, culturally diverse and inclusive, the university is home to 28,000 students, including 2,000 master’s and PhD students, nearly 2,700 tenured and tenure-track faculty and staff, and more than 130,000 alumni worldwide. Research at Ryerson is on a trajectory of success and growth: externally funded research has doubled in the past four years. The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is Canada’s leading provider of university-based adult education. For more information, visit

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For more Back to School resources, including tips and experts:


Heather Kearney
Public Affairs
Ryerson University
(416) 979-5000 x.4282

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Interview with TeamSave Founder Chris Nguyen

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You are launching a new web service today, tell us about the project. is a social buying website that lets consumers buy as a group to save as a team.  Combining the power of group purchasing with social media, gives consumers access to heavily discounted goods, services and events from hundreds of local businesses, including well-known restaurants, spas and event organizers, helping consumers save up to 50% off the regular price in some cases.

How is it different then everything else that’s going on in the social buying space?

I believe the demographics we’re going after, types of deals we’re promoting, smartphone strategy and execution will separate us from our competitors. Our first venture was in the highly competitive job board industry and it taught us how to compete in an emerging market.

How did you get involved in the DMZ

I was approached by Sheldon Levy to sit on the Steering Committee for the DMZ.  I have maintained a great relationship with Ryerson, founding my first venture while in school. I ended up leaving the parent company who acquired my first venture and began to build from the DMZ.

I know you presented at DemoCamp Toronto 26 held at the Ted Rogers School of Management, how was the experience?

This was our second DemoCamp we presented at. We’ve received great response to our presentation and had an overwhelming number of congratulatory emails and considerable feedback. I encourage any start-up with the opportunity to present at DemoCamp to do so.

How is the DMZ helping you out in launching your new venture?

We are able to utilize the resources available at the DMZ. We’re able to connect with corporations like Microsoft who provide all the resources and tools that any start up would need. I enjoy being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who I can request feedback on our product.

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